Advanced Skin Technology by Ana Pesce
Advanced Skin Technology by Ana Pesce


Aimee F.

    Ana has lovingly taken care of my skin for over a decade. I began getting facials from Ana when I was in my late thirties and now in my late forties my complexion is far superior to what it was ten years ago. Ana has the necessary knowledge and skill to turn back the hands of time. Ana realized that I had the start of a condition called Rosacea that is common in people over the age of thirty with fair skin. It can manifest with symptoms that may include tendency to blush or flush easily; bumps or pimples on the face; dry, tight or itchy facial skin; burning or stinging sensation in the face; redness and/or thickening skin on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead; small visible blood vessels on the face; or watery or irritated eyes or swollen eyelids.
     I have not had a flair up in the past ten years under Ana's capable care. Ana heals my skin with marvelously hydrating facials, light therapy, microcurrent treatments and on occasion some very gentle microdermabrasion. I believe the most effective way to wage battle against the aging process is to take care of your skin. In truth, I am addicted to the calm and sense of well being that our sessions provide. The bonus is that it's an extremely healthy obsession! Thank you Ana!!!

Cynthia S.

Ana Pesce is a gifted professional. She takes time to analyze the nature of the problem and has a wealth of knowedge as to how to treat it holistically with natural products. She is a creative and gentle healer. With her expertise, I now look twenty years younger. Really!

Adriana F.

As a thirty year old woman with problem-prone and sensitive skin, I have tried every product, prescription, and treatment geared toward fighting acne and improving the overall appearance of skin. For over 15 years, I was under the care of a dermatologist, while also seeking the help of a medical aesthetician. I would go through periods of improved skin, but the acne and inflamed skin always returned.
     I went to see Ana Pesce after a friend referred her, and honestly, at that time, I was skeptical. I walked into her office with extremely red and aggravated skin, and Ana calmly explained her plan and the need for me to alter my skincare regime. After a few months of regularly seeing Ana, my skin was noticeably calmer, as the redness began to disappear. The fine lines around my eyes, too, began to vanish. After about six months, my acne eruptions decreased, and the overall texture of my skin was smoother and suppler.
     It's been over a year and a half since I first went to see Ana. I now see her once a month for maintenance of my skin, and the experience is always enjoyable and helpful. I can now walk around make-up free without feeling ashamed. My skin looks younger. My acne is now controlled, and the redness and pain that once took over my face is no longer present. Ana uses a combination of natural remedies, top-notch skin care lines, and technology to achieve amazing results. To top it off, she is exceptionally knowledgeable, patient, and amazingly kind. I recommend her highly, and trust her with my skin above all and anyone else.

Ana Pesce

Advance Skin Technology

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