Advanced Skin Technology by Ana Pesce
Advanced Skin Technology by Ana Pesce

Medical Services

Our medical team specializes in the treatment of all types of skin problems. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and regular staff training ensures that you receive the highest level of medical expertise.




 We diagnose and treat all dermatologic conditions including:

  • Skin cancer, including chemosurgery
    Chemosurgery is also known as Mohs surgery after general surgeon Dr.Frederic E. Mohs. It allows for the removal of skin cancer with great accuracy and a high rate of success.
  • Acne and rosacea
    Laser treatments are available for mild to severe acne.
  • Eczema
    An inflammation of the epidermis evidenced by redness, swelling, itching, dryness and similar symptoms.
  • Psoriasis
    An autoimmune skin disease that can cause red, itchy patches covered with silvery scales.
  • Fungal infections
    We can treat all types of common fungal infections of the skin before they are able to spread.
  • Allergies
    We provide a number of dermatological treatments for patients with allergies affecting their skin.
  • Warts
    Warts are a common ailment and relatively easy to remove.

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Advance Skin Technology

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Office Hours

Our practice is open for appointments and consultations during the following hours:

TUES-Saturday 11am-5pm

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